Source code for rapidhouse.algorithm.alg

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from ..lib import order
import copy
import random

[docs]class Algorithm(object): """ This class is abstracting that algorithm for searching the solution of a combination. """ def __init__(self, ranges): """ :param list ranges: list of `order.renge`. """ self.ranges = ranges
[docs] def init_group(self, idb, basic): """ Initialize a group of solution. :param idb: Instance of `informationdb.InformationDb`. :param tuple basic: the basic[0] is list of the basic groups. the basic[1] is the group length. """ = copy.deepcopy(basic[0]) size = basic[1] - len( # 残サイズ i_size = int(0.5 * size) # 情報データベースで取ってくる数 # 情報データベースへ取りに行く if (i_size) > 0: for g in idb.get_param(i_size):[order.round_range(g["param"][idb.config.get_param_name(p)], r) for p, r in zip(idb.config.get_param_list(), self.ranges)]) # 補完 for i in range(basic[1] - len( if random.random() < 0.5 and len( != 0: index = random.randint(0, len( - 1)[index], sum([index]) / float(len([0])))) else:[order.randint_range(r) for r in self.ranges])
[docs] def get_group(self): """ Getter for the group of solution. :return: the group of solution. """ return
[docs] def mutate_gauss(self, lst, sigma): """ Mutate with a normal random number. :param list lst: a list. :param int sigma: Standard deviation. :rtype: list :return: the mutated list. """ return [order.round_range(int(random.gauss(v, sigma)), r) for (v, r) in zip(lst, self.ranges)]
[docs] def random_indexes(self, lst): """ Return list of random indexes. :param list lst: a list. :rtype: list :return: list of random indexes. """ indexes = range(random.randint(1, len(lst))) random.shuffle(indexes) return indexes