Source code for rapidhouse.lib.tune

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import order
import informationdb
import os
import time
import paramiko
import re
import getpass
import tempfile
import scp
import json
import shutil
import math

[docs]class Tune(): """ This class handle a tuning. :param interface: a instance of the `ui.Ui`. :param algo: a reified instance of the `alg.Algorithm`. :param config: a instance of the `parameter.Parameter`. :param rc: a instance of the `rapidconfig.RapidConfig`. :param tuple group: a group of a initial solutions. """ def __init__(self, interface, algo, config, rc, group): self.interface = interface self.algorithm = algo self.config = config self.rc = rc self.seq = config.get_param_list() self.idb = None self.base_group = group self.bests = []
[docs] def cost(self, pop): """ Evaluate of a solution. :param list pop: the solution. :return: either `-1` or a cost of the solution. """ # 反映 self.write(pop) r =, self.ssh_conn) self.interface.notice_debug('apply', r) if r['code'] != 0: return self.interface.notice_score(-1, pop) time.sleep(self.rc.wait_time) # 計測 if self.rc.bench_remote: result =, self.ssh_conn) else: result = self.interface.notice_debug('bench', result) if result["code"] != 0 or result["stdout"] is None: return self.interface.notice_score(-1, pop) # 抽出 r = re.compile(self.rc.score_reg) match =["stdout"]) if match is None: return self.interface.notice_score(-1, pop) # 終わり try: return self.interface.notice_score(float(, pop) except: return self.interface.notice_score(-1, pop)
[docs] def run(self): """ A thread of the tuning. """ if self.rc.server['host'] is None: # Local self.ssh_conn = None else: # Remote conn = paramiko.SSHClient() conn.set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko.AutoAddPolicy()) passwd = '' if self.rc.server['pkey'] is None: passwd = getpass.getpass('SSH Password: ') conn.connect(username=self.rc.server['user'], password=passwd, hostname=self.rc.server['host'], port=self.rc.server['port']) else: try: conn.connect(username=self.rc.server['user'], hostname=self.rc.server['host'], port=self.rc.server['port'], key_filename=self.rc.server['pkey']) except (paramiko.PasswordRequiredException, paramiko.ssh_exception.SSHException): passwd = getpass.getpass('SSH Private Key Passphrase: ') conn.connect(username=self.rc.server['user'], hostname=self.rc.server['host'], port=self.rc.server['port'], password=passwd, key_filename=self.rc.server['pkey']) del passwd l4 = conn.get_transport() l4.set_keepalive(30) self.ssh_conn = conn # バックアップ if self.rc.backup is not None: if self.ssh_conn is None: f = shutil.copyfile else: scp_conn = scp.SCPClient(self.ssh_conn.get_transport()) f = scp_conn.get f(self.config.get_outfile_path(), self.rc.backup) # 情報データベース if self.idb is None: self.idb = informationdb.InformationDb(self.ssh_conn, self.rc.soft_name, self.rc.bench_cmd, self.config) self.algorithm.init_group(self.idb, self.base_group) # 開始 while True: group = self.algorithm.get_group() scores = sorted([(self.cost(p), p) for p in group], reverse=True) # 送信 best = sorted(scores, reverse=True)[0] param = {} for (n, p) in zip(self.seq, best[1]): param[self.idb.config.get_param_name(n)] = p self.idb.post_param({"score": best[0], "propar_param": json.dumps(param)}) self.interface.notice_best(best[0], best[1]) # エラー判定 if best[0] in [-1, '-1']: raise StandardError('Check both your server and a command on a configuration file for RapidHouse.') # 収束判定 MAXSIZE = 10 if len(self.bests) >= MAXSIZE: self.bests.pop(0) self.bests.append(best[1]) if len(self.bests) == MAXSIZE: d = 0.0 for i in range(MAXSIZE - 1): tmp = 0.0 for p1, p2 in zip(self.bests[i], self.bests[i + 1]): tmp += (p2 - p1) ** 2 d += math.sqrt(tmp) self.interface.debug_print('>[score:d]> Distance: %s%s' % (d, os.linesep)) if d < 1: self.interface.stop() if self.ssh_conn is not None: self.ssh_conn.close()
[docs] def write(self, pop=None): """ Write out a configuration file for a server application. :param pop: a population. """ if pop is None and len(self.bests) == 0: return if pop is None: pop = self.bests[-1] self.config.reset() for (n, p) in zip(self.seq, pop): self.config.set(n, p) tmp = tempfile.mkstemp() fp = os.fdopen(tmp[0], "w") fp.write(self.config.write()) fp.close() if self.ssh_conn is None: f = shutil.copyfile else: scp_conn = scp.SCPClient(self.ssh_conn.get_transport()) f = scp_conn.put f(tmp[1], self.config.get_outfile_path()) os.remove(tmp[1])